martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Mi blog de autoayuda "In English"


Siguiendo los consejos de algún que otro seguidor del blog, en breve podrás encontrar una versión en Inglés de "Mi blog de autoayuda" de cara a darle la mayor difusión posible a sus mensajes. Lo normal será que parta de un  nuevo espacio en blogger con ubicación en Reino Unido. Mientras llega el día de su creación, aquí tienes la traducción de la que es, hasta el momento, la entrada más popular de este blog. Espero que te guste:

"In the entry “Opening Gates” I talked about a TV series that became a total popular success. In my case, as you can remember, I started watching it because a friend of mine recommended it. That is why I will be using the synopsis he then used:

Lost is a TV drama series that follows the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles, on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific

(Don’t continue reading if you have the intention of watching the series or if you are watching it, but still haven’t watched the final episodes. Don’t worry, this entry will still be here when you feel ready to read it)

In the first episode of this fantastic TV series two characters, a doctor called Jack and a mysterious girl called Kate, very soon start having a leading role. They hit it off almost immediately, their connection getting stronger and more explicit as time goes by. This ‘link’ becomes really obvious for both the audience and the rest of the characters on the island. However, time goes by (episode after episode) and they don’t seem to have the courage to a go a step forward in order to win each other’s heart. This just creates an atmosphere of tension that evolves not only them, but everybody else too. 
In spite of this, in the last episode of the series, Jack and Kate kissed. They kissed at a moment when they knew their relationship would never be possible because of the course of the events around them. Under waves breaking endlessly, Jack and Kate kissed so passionately that it still gives me goose bumps . However, Jack died for The Island’s sake. Kate escaped from it and their love remained there, leaving behind thousands of moments and opportunities to be with each other and enjoy their love. 
On countless occasions we don’t lay our cards on the table because we are too afraid of being ‘exposed’, too afraid of getting a ‘no’ for an answer. But that ‘no’ for an answer, that terrible fear CAN’T be worse than not playing the card game at all.

PS: Photo courtesy of eisenbahner"

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  1. Pepe, how multicultural you are... ¡This is one of the many surprises you keep on showing us!